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13th Birthday Cake

70b807d7ef13 03.jpg 13th Birthday Cake

This birthday cake was made for a young lady for her 13th birthday celebration.

She had a VIP style party complete with doorman checking the guest list and handing out wristbands for the selected party goers.

The birthday girl is very into drama and music and wanted to reflect this in her cake along with the pink and bling that you would expect a 13 year old girl to want on a cake.

8f9b09860413 021.jpg1 13th Birthday Cake

This cake consists of two tiers, one being purple and the other pink.

The bottom tier has a drama mask with the happy and sad face.

Dotted around this tier are pink and silver stars with edible silver balls.

The top tier had silver musical notes which sit up above the top of the tier.

Shooting from the top of the cake are lots of purple, pink and silver stars that are all dusted with edible lustre dust.

These shooting stars are a popular decoration in cakes and I have made a few variations on this theme

The number 13 shoots out of the cake and had little clear gems on each numeral.

17248d08a113 01.jpg 13th Birthday Cake

These little gems also feature around the lilac ribbon on the top tier of the cake.

My client wanted something that would raise the cake up and make it stand out on the table as it would be displayed along with the buffet.

I made a stand which was colour coordinated with the cake and featured more clear gems, a bow at the front and a jewelled buckle.

The stand has the effect of making the cake look like a four tiered cake instead of two.

The birthday girl was there when I delivered her cake and was very happy with it.

I am glad to say too that it got the approval of her female guests -13 year old girls being a very critical audience.

ee455c559913 04.jpg 13th Birthday Cake

70b807d7ef13 03.jpg 100x150 13th Birthday Cake

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