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Beaded Wedding Cake

1ec09d5e05ots 01.jpg Beaded Wedding Cake

It has been a while since I last posted anything so I thought it was time I did so.

I have been busy driving up and down the country to run cake decorating workshops which have been brilliant fun but pretty tiring.

I am back home now so I have no excuse.

This wedding cake was made for a celebration at The Three Rivers Hotel in Cold Norton.

This cake contains no dummies. It has one tier of fruit cake, two tiers of sponge cake and one tier of chocolate cake.

I only mention this because four edible tiers gives you a lot of cake!

50aea8f489ots 021.jpg1 Beaded Wedding Cake

My client did tell me that her wedding party were cake lovers and would polish it off.

The decorations on the cake took a long time to complete but look very simple and elegant.

Once all the tiers were covered with marzipan and ivory fondant I assembled the first three.

It is a good job I didn’t have to go up any stairs to the reception room.

I would definitely have put my back out.

Having done this I piped lots of ivory beads in royal icing. I made them different sizes.

My client also wanted some hearts dotted around the cake. I made hearts using mexican paste which sets hard.

After cutting the heart shapes out I dusted them with edible ivory lustre dust which made them a rich ivory colour.

8b3eaba1daots 031.jpg1 Beaded Wedding Cake

The top tie has an ivory ribbon around the base. I think this provides a simple base for the topper without detracting from it.

This tier was placed on the top of the cake at the venue and then the bride & groom’s topper finished off the cake.

The ribbon around the base of the top tier was tied in a bow at the back of the cake and the ends were left to fall down the side of the cake.

This is a really stylish cake and my client was very pleased with it.

1ec09d5e05ots 01.jpg 100x150 Beaded Wedding Cake

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