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Grapes and Vines Wedding Cake

fded866b99nes 01.jpg Grapes and Vines Wedding Cake

Good evening. I am doing this post from my lovely new desk which is twice the size of my old one.

I also have a comfy new chair which makes me sit upright instead of slouching into a ball.

Now that I am sitting comfortably I will begin.

This cake was made for a wedding celebration at the Ivy Hill Hotel in Margaretting.

My client originally had the idea of a three tiered cake with cascading roses. It would have looked lovely but not very original.

7f0d836f6bnes 03.jpg Grapes and Vines Wedding Cake

He then had a thought about a church where his father had renewed hundreds of aluminium sheets in the apse of  St Mary the Virgin Parish Church in Great Warley.

For anyone who has not heard of an apse (not one of those words your hear very often) it is a rounded end of a building, often a church.

The apse at St Mary’s has a dome and this is the part with the aluminium sheets and grapes and vines design.

1eb8abc6d1nes 02.jpg Grapes and Vines Wedding Cake

The church features art nouveau decoration which I used to create a design for the the cake.

I designed a 3 tier cake with bunches of red grapes at the top and bottom of the cake.

Gold vines and leaves come down the sides of the cake.

I used edible gold paint for the vines and leaves.

The grapes were made using red fondant icing which I then painted with edible glaze to make them shiny.

I love the combination of the three colours on this cake.

fded866b99nes 01.jpg 132x150 Grapes and Vines Wedding Cake

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